Sempiternal Dreams.

Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.

They named it wrong. Kbye. #nocommentsbelow ✖️😆 (at Moonleaf, Iloilo)
With study buddies. 😍📚 (at Moonleaf, Iloilo)
To my very first UPbeat shirt, I’ll never lose you. 😍😘💖
Someone’s taking a bath yesterday. 🙈😂😆
I know you cant do this people i know kkkk hahaha 😂😂 #earlybird good thing i have no class on pe and english tomorrow so yeah more time to sleeeeeep! 😴
Dinner. #FOOD (@kaathymeow ang peg?) 😂😁😆
A Modern Zombie Apocalypse.  #psych10 #brains #okay 😁😂 (at University Of The Philippines Visayas)

We can do this all night. #JESAkwe2014 #partyhard #iconapop 👯🔫🎶 (at Puerto Real Clubhouse)

#JESAkwe2014 #MusicUniverse #ootn 👕👖👞 (at Puerto Real Clubhouse)
Back to black. #JESAkwe2014
PE class earlier and I’m bringing back high school memories. Loljk. 😂👕👖 (at University Of The Philippines Visayas)
Suddenly our Math11 professor made the greatest choice. HAHAHAHA 😂✌️
My bed looks like this atm bc i dont know what the heck i should wear for tomorrow. Like our suit’s theme is rock. Is there something rock in here. Luuh. #fashiondilemma #blacks 😔😞😣
Bc our prof moved our class from 2:30 to 3:00. So yeah. We. Did. This.
This photo was taken at around 5:30am and its so amazing. Yass.  (at Municipality Of Maasin)
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